More About Me

Hi, I’m Josie 🙂 I grew up in South Florida. I just moved to Huntington, NY with my family. Currently graduating college (woo!), feel free to hire me …

A little about me professionally:

I’m thrilled to receive my bachelor’s degree from UF this August, 2019, and it’s been quite a ride! Since high school, I’ve attended multiple universities and lived in 4 different places. I began my journey as a business major at Villanova University after high school but decided to take a gap year to work and earn money before coming to UF to finish my degree, because, life.

Most recently, this summer I have interned at a top-tier NYC-based commercial production company as well as a social e-commerce/affiliate platform startup currently in its pre-launch stage.

Prior to that, I’ve worked in accounting, at an influencer marketing startup in New York, and as a qualitative health communications research assistant at UF during my last semester on campus this spring. (Plus a handful of jobs at restaurants and other service-related, team-player things.)

A little about me personally:

My passions lie in different places. I’m a numbers person who also loves the arts and is a more-than-competent writer. I genuinely love people and make an effort to keep in touch with most everyone I meet.

Things make sense to me when I can see their value or purpose. I am a big-picture thinker and an extremely curious person. For this reason I think I’ve really enjoyed all of my experiences. I am constantly stepping back and surveying the scene. I see everything as a puzzle for me to figure out — whether it be earnestly understanding people I talk to, a new idea or unfamiliar topic or why the sky is blue.

A little about

I also take pictures sometimes… so find some images from me here! Feel free to reach out at or find me LinkedIn or Twitter.

If you’d like to book a session, send me something nice or just say hi, get in touch below!